Self-Shadows and more!


Some time has passed since the last blog entry. I have been a bit busy but could get some new stuff into the new renderer to blog about 🙂

The renderer now supports self-shadowing using a customized version of amd’s self-shadowing algorithm.
Well, no more words. See some screenshots:

This hair was rendered without self-shadows, this one is rendered with self-shadows:

The new renderer is now almost feature-complete and will be released soon (2-3 months on my current timeline).
It will be released under GPL 3.0 license (

This license will allow you to use Unity TressFX in ANY project (even commercial) as long as you release your sourcecode for free.

There will be a commercial license available for a reasonable price soon after the release whcih does not require you to release your sourcecode. 🙂

Thats all for today,

Have a nice evening!

UPDATE: Licensing was changed – I decided to release it publicly under GPL 3.0. There will be however a commercial license available that will allow you to redistribute your application / game without releasing it’s sourcecode. Post edited 🙂

9 thoughts on “Self-Shadows and more!

  1. Hey thanks for updating this sdk 🙂 . anyway I am a beginner with unity.can you teach me exactly how to import it to unity?thank you 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m Nick
    I want to use your TressFX plugin for Unreal Engine4.
    I hope you help me.
    I’ll reward you Please reply me by email.

    • I only work with unity and my tressfx port is implemented using unity engine.
      Unfortunately i cannot help you with Unreal Engine 4. But i think Nvidia’s HairWorks is available for it.

  3. Hi Thanks for this great work. it’s amazing ‘: ) . I have question,for the sourcecode that should I release. does it mean. the whole source code of my game including it’s assets?if yes. is it possible for me to give a costum license for my assets which is not part from your amazing tressFX system ?

    • The licensing changed – again.
      I released the whole sourcecode of the renderer on github, you are free to use it in any way you like, WITHOUT releasing your sourcecode. You can even sell your product.

  4. It’s nice to hear about it :). thanks again for this amazing work. I’ll tell you later when my game using this port finish. And also I love the project Automata. I’ll stay tune to this blogpost 😀 .

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