TressFX OIT Renderer on Github!


Just a short update.
Some days ago i started to finish off a first release of the new TressFX renderer. Just some minutes ago i started the push to github to get the new renderer to anyone who might can use it 🙂

It has support for self-shadows, shadowmapping, multiple lights, order-independent transparency (A-/K-Buffer fill / evaluate algorithm, like AMD’s implementation).
It’ll also stay open source, i wont be able to provide support for it due to my current other projects which are very time consuming.

I dont know if ill have more time in the future to continue this project, but if so ill push all my changes to git. There’s still a lot missing. It only supports directional lights for now, it also is missing skinned mesh rendering and (a lot) code cleanups.
My future focus now is on Project Automata and stay tuned for some blog posts about it’s development “soon” (after the release of it).

So, that’s it again.

Have a nice day!