Self-Shadows and more!


Some time has passed since the last blog entry. I have been a bit busy but could get some new stuff into the new renderer to blog about 🙂

The renderer now supports self-shadowing using a customized version of amd’s self-shadowing algorithm.
Well, no more words. See some screenshots:

This hair was rendered without self-shadows, this one is rendered with self-shadows:

The new renderer is now almost feature-complete and will be released soon (2-3 months on my current timeline).
It will be released under GPL 3.0 license (

This license will allow you to use Unity TressFX in ANY project (even commercial) as long as you release your sourcecode for free.

There will be a commercial license available for a reasonable price soon after the release whcih does not require you to release your sourcecode. 🙂

Thats all for today,

Have a nice evening!

UPDATE: Licensing was changed – I decided to release it publicly under GPL 3.0. There will be however a commercial license available that will allow you to redistribute your application / game without releasing it’s sourcecode. Post edited 🙂