New TressFX Version


I just start pusing my current tressfx code to github :>

The new version of tressfx is now publicly available for anyone. It is a complete rewrite of the old version which got better editor integration, more stability and better performance.
Here is some general info on how to use the new version:

  • Make sure, the TressFX folder is in your Assets root. The current asset importer relies on the assetconverter being located in Assets/TressFX/assetconverter.exe. This will change in future version (My own importing system is in development).
  • When importing hair files from ASE make sure your hair strands __ALWAYS__ contain 16 vertices if you want to use simulation. You can let tressfx normalize them on import, under Window > TressFX you can configure the importer (Normalize vertex count to 16 if you want simulation).
  • You can also configure follow hair generation on import. Follow hairs are additional hairs generated to your imported geometry. Simulating them is cheap, because they follow their master (the hair in your input geometry).
  • Do not use scaling. It is unusable at the moment and creates very strange behaviour.
  • After importing the hair, make sure you configure the physics properties on the hair asset (Check the examples).
  • Check the example scene for an example on how to configure the hair rendering game object

Feel free to report bugs in github and / or fork the code. I will accept pull requests aswell :->

This is the base version of tressfx, the renderer i wrote about in the last post will be release at a later point, because it’s far away finished 😛
The rendering is abstracted, you can easily implement own renderers with some coding-fu and there is an example renderer with an example surface shader included.
It supports shadow receiving / casting aswell (but only directional lights at the moment).

Currently it only supports DirectX >11 / Windows, Portation to linux (and mac os) is planned 😉

That’s it for today, anyone have fun testing TressFX for unity and happy new year! 😀