TressFX Rewrite – The current state


Since I’m getting more requests about when the new TressFX rewrite will be released, I decided to write a post about the current state of it.
Most of the core-features are already implemented and I’m mainly working on fine-tuning different things, implementing a new rendering system and so on.

The most noticable changes of the new version are:

  • 1-Click hair import
  • Improved performance (Now suitable for realtime rendering, ~4x faster than the current version)
  • Modularity

Also, the licensing for tressfx will change. The core of it will stay opensource but there will be closed-source modules like a realistic rendering and LoD system (which i’m currently working on).

While i was working on this, AMD presented TressFX 3.0 (GDC-Slides here:
They didnt release the sourcecode to the public (yet). If they do, my implementation will get updates aswell.

The new rendering system features per-pixel coverage computing and order-independent transparency blending using A- and K-Buffers like AMD’s sample does.
It is also (almost) fully integrated into the unity rendering system and supports an unlimited ammount of lights (+ shadow maps, Deferred rendering system).

Here’s an example that shows how much quality the new OIT and per pixel coverage adds:


That’s almost anything about the current state, i cannot set a fixed date unfortunately. I can only tell anyone who’s waiting stay tuned 😛
But i will try to update my blog more frequently about TressFX in the future to show new updates to it.