Just a post


I haven’t been writing a blogpost since some time now.

Currently I’m working on TressFX, which will get a new update in some weeks / months (It’s currently more a side-project).
This new update will bring a completely rewritten editor integration, easier import of ASE hair splines, lots of bugfixes, ways better performance and other epic things as well 🙂

For anyone interested in hair simulation unity3d japan released a nvidia hairworks integration for unity (not finished yet) on github: https://github.com/unity3d-jp/NVIDIAHairWorksIntegration

Besides TressFX there are some other Projects I’m working on, i’ve written an ice shader for unity 5 that will be on the assetstore in some time (pending review).
It has support for refraction, reflection, fake translucency and some other nice things.

I’ll put the link of the asset in the store in here, once its released.

Also, there has been a small update for my unity voxel engine.
I’m at the moment not actively working on it, but i ported it to Unity 5.2 and submitted it to the assetstore (pending review) as free asset.
I’ll also put it’s link in here once its released.

In unity 5 the physics bug that i was facing in unity 4 appears to be gone. If you were editing terrain manually too fast, the player just froze (My guess is that this was related to a deadlock when you update a mesh collider’s data while it’s baking its collision data).
I also recorded a video of my physics test. In unity5 physx seems to be much fast (most likely related to the unity 5 physx update).

Thats basically all news for today except one non-coding related thing:

Most people most likely dont know the indie company “Chucklefish”.
They are working on a game called “Stardewvalley”.
Stardewvalley is kind of a new “Harvest Moon” (One of my favorite games in childhood and even today).

It mixes up different games that are like harvest moon. Anyway, to anyone who knows harvest moon this game is a MUST watch 🙂
Checkout their livestream on youtube:

And their blog: http://stardewvalley.net/
I cannot wait to play this game in coop with some friends 🙂
Have a nice day!