jCubicWorld released!

Hey there,

Today i’ve uploaded the sourcecode of my new voxel game project jCubicWorld to github!
I also got some news about the current status of the project.

Since the last post a lot have been changed.
There is now a fully functional inventory system:



I also implemented a new system for sending tick updates to voxels, so if a voxel type has a voxel update handler attached it will get called with the voxeldata every frame.
I used this in a very simple example to implement a test furnace.

If you put coal into it’s first item slot, the furnace will start working and the fire will start:



There have been much code improvements, there is now a world save system which saves player, entity and world data.

There is also a launcher in development (Will get released to github in a few weeks i think) for easy downloading the sourcecode from github, patch in modifications, add plugins and copile & run it.

The current code on github is not intended to get used for playing, the current state of the game is very, very experimental and there is almost no documentation ready yet.
There may be a huge amount of bugs.

So, that’s it for now. I’ll accept pull-requests of git if anyone wants to help with the development 🙂