Current progress

Hey there,

I just wanted to keep everyone who follows my work on this blog up2date.
So, for TressFX it’s looking good right now. I implemented the post-processed fragment sorting and the image rendered already looks quite nice.

There are still some things missing like the per-pixel-coverage anti-aliasing or transparency, but the main rendering is fully working.
My implementation works almost completely similar to AMD’s sample.

At the moment i just do the fragment sorting in a computeshader instead of a pixel shader.
I will probably change that later but for the moment it is the easiest way for me to do the sorting.

Well, here are some screenshots:

tfx_sorting_2 tfx_sorting_1


Isn’t that epic? 😀

So, for the voxel engine I’ve had bad performance issues with realtime world editing, so i divided a chunk into multiple chunks on the Y-Axis.

This gives a significant performance increase on world editing, because if you remove any block from the mesh the whole mesh will get regenerated which costs lots of time if you got much vertices.

Now there are more but smaller meshes. Which causes the chunk updates to happen ways faster.

Also, the physics system is now enqued with lesser priority, next step i want to implement is the unity networking integration (terrain data streaming). After that i’ll start with the fluid simulation 😉

Well, that’s everything for now.