Unity Voxel Engine


I started working on a new project, a minecraft-style unity voxel engine (Unity free compatible!).
The source code is freely available released under the MIT license.

Current features:

  • Easily add new world generators by just attaching them to the terrain object
  • Flexible block registration, blocks can get added at runtime
  • Transparent block rendering
  • Realtime editing the world
  • Unity physics integration (There will be a custom physics system in the future available)
  • Infinite random terrain

There’s currently no documentation on how to use it, but i’ll write that later. For now i’ll focus on implementing new functions like:

  • A*-Pathfinding
  • Fluid simulation
  • Chunk serialization and deserialization (for saving chunk data)
  • Unity networking integration
  • Custom Physics / Collision system

So, that’s it for now, i’ll keep this blog updated about any new informations. Sourcecode is available here: https://github.com/kennux/cubicworld

Some screenshots 🙂

Just an Update

Hey there,

Yes, i am still alive 🙂

I recently spent some hours going on with the debugging of the Unity TressFX portation and it doesn’t seem i’ll figure out how to integrate it nicely into unity, so at this point i’ll stop working on it. The simulation is very well integrated but for the rendering i don’t know if unity is even capable of rendering such DX 11 effects (For example DrawProcedural() doesn’t seem to integrate well into the Graphics pipeline as it does not render shadows and anything else, there’s also not much documentation about DX 11).

However, i may go on with it later (maybe if Unity 5 is released). Also anyone is free to work on my code, which is available on github (https://github.com/kennux/TressFXUnity).

For now, i’ll work on some other projects and / or games, which i’ll post here if there is something to post 😛