Unity TressFX progress

Hey there,

It’s been a time since i wrote a post here. I’ve been working on other projects or was playing Diablo 3 and Payday 2 (Really nice games :D).

So, for Unity TressFX some days ago i uploaded a fix for the coverage computing issue, which was a very stupid mistake by me.
I’ve seen that the coverage computing was working “well” (Well, it wasn’t ^^) if i “eliminate” the pixel offsets i get in the shader.
That was wrong, i did calculations in 2 different coordinate system (was mixing DirectX calculations with Unity’s OpenGL style calculations).

Now the calculations are fixed and the coverage computing is fully working.
However, i’m still facing a serious bug in the fragment shader. Fragments at 0|0 get passed with screen coordinates like 38|4 which is currently really annoying me.

I’m still working on TressFX and i’ll try to get some hours to patch or atleast try to patch the pixel offsetbug.
After that i’m going to implement the order independent transparency, Kajiya-Kay lighting and the shadows.

The shadows will also be my next bigger problem because it seems like Unity’s Graphics.DrawProcedural() function does not integrate well in the graphics pipeline (“Normal” shadow rendering like in unity surface shaders or with the unity makros for fragment and vertex shaders seems to be impossible to use with procedurally drawn geometry).

So, that’s all for the moment.